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The 22 Minute Hard Corps workout program is Tony Horton’s newest addition to well known line up of home workout program (think P90X, X2, X3, One on Ones, 10 Minute Trainer, etc). There are a few videos below that you can click to learn more about what this program is and how it can help you on your fitness journey.

But really, unless you’re training to be a super triathlon Olympic athlete the days of 1-1.5 hour workouts are over. Seriously, you can get an incredibly effective workout in just 22 minutes a day if you follow the plan and show up consistently. There are 8 total workouts in the main program Cardio 1, Cardio 2, Cardio 3, Resistance 1, Resistance 2, Resistance 3, Core 1, and Core 2.

A few links to help you navigate this site. Click here to see the 22 Minute Hard Corps required equipment to make sure you have what you need before you get started. Or, if you already know the basics you can also see some Hard Corps results, check out the nutrition plan basics, and if you don’t already have one, contact a free Independent Beachbody Coach before you get started!

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